Every 3rd Monday of each month, members of our community take to the stage and share a moment of their lives with us. Stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements and experiencing great adventures.

People empowering people through storytelling with the intention of creating connection & community. So we invite you to put away your cell phone, disconnect from the hustle and take a moment to be with yourself & others.

Come join us for an evening and experience connection on a new level!

Our Speakers from December 2018

April Bellia

As a mother of 3 kids, April never wanted to be an entrepreneur, however, circumstances in her life decided otherwise. Without any business training or having to take a MBA, within 4 years she created a business out of her passion and is living her purpose. She created Granola Girl as her vehicle to connect with like minded people.

On December 17th come experience her story as April shares that “You don’t need a MBA to be a successful entrepreneur! You can do it on your own terms and in your own unique way by raising your vibration!”

Trevor Neuman

Trevor suffered a severe permanent work injury and while rehabbing physically, the permanence of the injury threw him into depression and
the bureaucracy of various agencies he was dealing with kept him there.

While going back to school for retraining, Trevor found a hobby which helped him physically, mentally and became a central part of his Senior Project and his partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

On December 17th come experience his journey, as Trevor shares that “There was a low point that I never imagined I could have ever sunk to. As difficult as it was and continues to be, there is something positive and hopeful that has come from my experience.”

Vanessa Luu

As a child, Vanessa was structured by the need to be perfect which ultimately meant not being herself for the people around her, and always tailoring herself to match what they would like. She feared being too much, she feared being not enough, and her journey is right now is about finding equilibrium through “becoming me”.

On December 17th Vanessa shares her realization that being yourself means trusting your gut and honoring you always. That without honoring yourself, seeking approval for security becomes a very dark and toxic path.

Mahan Khalsa

When Mahan was only 23 years of age, she spent 38 days in a South Korean jail. The irony is that she left Canada depressed & suicidal and telling her boyfriend “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE” and it was in that jail that she found her freedom!

On December 17th Mahan shares her realization that freedom is a state of mind. We can cultivate it ourselves, change our perspectives and create the world we want to be experiencing. “I realized freedom was a state of mind and that nothing could take my FREEDOM from me. We have the POWER to create our REALITY, or at least the story we tell ourself about it.”

Stella Panagiotidis

Stella is a first generation Greek Canadian who grew up in the hub of Montreal’s Greek urban ghetto. Caught between old-world values and modern-day culture, she struggled to find her place of belonging. Battling a crippling anxiety disorder, she sought refuge amidst a new life on the West Coast, where she came full circle in a profound discovery of self.

On December 17th come experience her story, as Stella shares how she fled from her Greek community in order to escape cultural restrictions. Her dream of being an ordinary Canadian kid brought her to Vancouver Island. Amidst this new tranquility, she came face-to-face with the breakthrough realization that “One cannot escape the shadows of oneself and that adversity can in fact, be a gift that shapes one’s purpose in the world.”

Our Speakers from November 2018

Azucar Lary

Being born an emotional orphan in a war zone, Azucar experienced only struggle for survival. He learned to get up when knocked down and to never quit on himself or his dreams. Life and struggle lead him from a world that was indifferent to one that is deeply connected.

On November 19th come experience his story as Azucar shares that we get to choose the life of our choosing, no matter the circumstances of our birth. “There are gifts that we give and receive from each other that can be life changing! We can go from a barren existence to one that is deeply fulfilling.”

Daniel Wang

Daniel had a realization of his purpose to heal himself and his consciousness by doing the things that he has been most fearful of in life. He has been deathly afraid of public speaking, however, the first time he took the stage and spoke was a very healing and transformative moment, so he returns to share once again.

On November 19th come experience Daniel’s story, as his intention for sharing is to be healing and expanding for those who experience it. “As I take the healing action of stepping into one of my greatest fears once again, for I believe each person who chooses to heal and empower is helping the collective heal and transform. Why are you afraid of the things that terrify you?”

Dr. Kayvon K

“If you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying.”

Birth, Growth, Rebirth, Repeat. To Kayvon this seems to be the ultimate sequence of living a fulfilled and engaged life.

On November 19th Kayvon shares his insight that life was not meant to be a struggle, only we make it so. It can be messy and complex, but not complicated. “We CAN make it simpler by walking in this four-step journey: Rise, Clarify, Transform, Transfer AKA The Ripple Effect.”

Paul MacDonald

Growing up Paul didn’t feel like he fit in! He had no self confidence and started using drugs and alcohol at the age of 12. He didn’t do well in school and had a few devastating events from educators that made him believe he was stupid and unworthy. Then a miracle happened! His daughter was born!

On November 19th Paul shares his insight that you don’t let others tell you what masks to wear. “You choose what masks to wear and who you want to be! Then you work on being a better person today than you were yesterday!”

Carmen Smith

In 2009 after finding out that she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation and putting her at a higher than normal risk of developing both Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Carmen was faced with some difficult decisions. It is how she took what she considers to be the greatest gift and began a path of self discovery.

On November 19th Carmen shares her realization that we all face obstacles and adversity in life, and how we work through them is where some of the greatest gifts are. “My journey through this has clearly affirmed in me that obstacles are not what define us, it is how we work through them that does.”

Our Speakers from October 2018

Mat Boyer

Infertility has been around for a long time. We are pretty sure that it is what Einstein was referring to when he said “trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, that is Insanity.” – Exactly! Mat shared a part of their journey with infertility back in June, he has returned to share more about the Emotional Rollercoaster that is Science.

On October 15th Mat will share how this experience has changed the way he now sees things. He will give some tips on how to deal with difficult times, how not only to maintain your relationship with your partner but to strengthen it and sprinkle in a little humour to an otherwise devastating dream destroying adventure.

Sita Gaia

When Sita was recruited for tedxstanleypark, one of the coaches said “You are living as an authentic person with epilepsy!” The ‘authentic’ part hit her hard in the gut, as that comment moved her “to be my authentic self” and in her case, to identify as queer.

On October 15th come experience her story as Sita shares how it takes strength to be who you really are, but with support and vulnerability you can live the life you were meant to live.

Trevor Assman

For Trevor, the fear of coming out was so daunting for him. In order to come out without the influence of being shamed by his church, family, and friends, he moved from the Bible Belt to Calgary to begin his journey of coming out. This challenged him in every aspect including his spirituality. Going through this journey opened his eyes.

On October 15th Trevor shares his journey and how he learned that God/Universe loves you for who you are. “I learned that I was gay but am also much more, as being gay is just a small fraction of who I am.”

Jessica Coulthard

Jessica was a shy introvert resigned to a life of struggle after a divorce and no financial assistance, until one day she woke up and realized that she needed to take 100% responsibility for her life. Now she believe that “Nothing is out of reach if I want it bad enough! I want to lead by example!”

On October 15th Jessica shares her realization that when we snap out of our limiting beliefs about what our life can look like, and start moving in the direction of what we want, the whole world opens up and we can create whatever life we want.

Shenan Charania

After continually misinterpreting life from an early age, Shenan found himself in the unnecessary complexity of a gang related world he had innocently created for himself. His life became one of hopelessness, struggle and confusion. It wasn’t until his perspective shifted that he started to see more possibility.

On October 15th come experience his story as Shenan shares his insight “As I started to look more into understanding how my perspective was created, I also started to see that it fluctuates moment to moment based on what kind of thoughts I am believing in that moment, and how that was the root cause of how my reality was being created.”

Lise Lavigne

Most of her life, Lise let people take advantage of her, use her and manipulate her. She lost her mother at 7 years old and was raised by her abusive father. She never felt good enough for anything and didn’t feel loved. How she felt about herself affected the decisions she made in her personal relationships.

On October 15th Lise shares how she broke the cycle of negative relationships, by discovering who she really was and that she had the power to create wonderful relationships in her life.

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