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On a Monday night once a month, members of our community take to the stage and share a moment of their lives with us. Stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements and experiencing great adventures.

People empowering people through storytelling with the intention of creating connection & community. So we invite you to put away your cell phone, disconnect from the hustle and take a moment to be with yourself & others.

Come join us for an evening and experience connection on a new level!

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Our Speakers from March 2019 – Theme: Success

Jivi Saran

“Success- what does it mean to you?”

Jivi went from allowing others to define how she measured success, to recognizing what success means to herself and how it’s related to what she brings to the world.

On March 11 Jivi shares her insight that we often measure success based on others definition of what success looks like, and until we realize that each of us has their own definition and that it’s much more intrinsic than we think.

“Success is personal and not measured by what others see. Your success is unique to you!”

Alice Zhou

Alice grew up in an emotionally dysfunctional family and experienced the trial and tribulations that result from having lack of boundaries and constantly bending over backwards.

Developing a people pleasing personality, She encountered emotional vampires, narcissists, perpetual liars and had a close call with addiction. All of this lead her to burning out, however, it simultaneously uncovered life wisdom.

On March 11 come experience her story, as Alice shares that “Success doesn’t come just cuz you work hard! Life does not exist in the future. Youth, passion, health are not the currency you should spend so easily when you’re young, because some things you cannot purchase back with money.”

Jamie Lange

Jamie had a childhood dream. With encouragement and the refusal to give up on that dream he made it come true, however, after a tragic event he saw this achievement slowly begin to drift away… so he found the courage to keep that dream alive.

On March 11 Jamie shares with us his experiences, that Life is precious and limited. “If you have a dream and do whatever it takes to make it real, you can achieve it!”

Carmen Smith

In 2009 after testing positive to the BRCA1 gene mutation, Carmen found out that she was at a much higher than normal risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancers. Faced with making some very difficult decisions, she took a gift she was given and began a journey towards self discovery.

Join us tonight as Carmen shares her journey with us! From processing the diagnosis to staring at Fear and pushing past it. “This experience has guided me to embrace the resiliency and possibility that came through facing adversity. My journey has helped me to find the power that I hold within myself!”

Jill Prescott

For 20 years Jill regarded success as having a substantial income, being highly regarded in your industry, owning a nice car and living in a cool apartment. Then one day, she lost it all and was brought to her knees, shattered again and again.

On March 11 Jill shares her experience that satisfaction and peace doesn’t come from the attainment of ‘stuff’. “Yes, in our current world money is required to remain healthy in our bodies and take care of ourselves. It isn’t however, where love or peace live. If you don’t take care of the heart, no amount of stuff will every be enough.”

Azucar Lary

“Success without fulfillment ironically is the ultimate failure.”

On March 11 Azucar shares his experience of massive success leading to the deepening of pain, suffering and depression. Being fortunate to realize his misplaced efforts by witnessing the handling of success and failure by a group of twelve year old girls, this lead Azucar to understanding that successful efforts in alignment with fulfillment brings joy, celebration, playfulness, fun and connection for a lifetime.

Azucar dedicates his presentation to the wisdom of children.

Our Speakers from February 2019 – Theme: Love

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Mat Boyer

For Mat, as a young child Love wasn’t expressed but it was always present. “As I grew up I started to feel Love more even though when I did, I was told I did not know what Love was.” Well it turns out that they were partially right, but he would change it to “I did not know what Love could be.”

On February 11, Mat shares with us how he learned that the description of Love can change. “Even though you may not have received Love at the frequency or the way you wanted, that you can learn from this and ensure that you give Love in the way you what.”

Keri-Anne Livingstone

Keri-Anne believes that Life brings opportunities for growth and learning in one of two ways: where we are asked to BE a mess or to MAKE a mess.

On February 11 come experience her story, as Keri-Anne returns to the VoiceStory stage to share about the day she did and was BOTH, and how “it led me to the greatest love I’ll ever know!”

“Bless the mess and trust the process! When we take the time to tune in, speak up and allow our truth to be expressed, it will always guide us to greater things.”

Ryan Thomas

Serving in the army, Ryan wanted to be a special forces operator. He was leading with his anger and wanted to hurt people. In relationships, he also lead with his anger, and this resulted in unhealthy relationship patterns.

“Once I realized the source of my anger, I was able to choose love over hate.”

Join us on February 11, as Ryan shares his experience that we can either hate the world, or love it. Hate people or love them. And you will find evidence for both options being correct. “Love is a choice! And to make that choice, requires us to challenge our belief systems about ourselves, and the world around us.”

Winston Yeung

Winston had a love/hate relationship with many facets of his life growing up in a world he didn’t feel he fit into.

“Go to school, come home and work in the store, repeat… that was my life.”

Seemingly always on the outside looking in, he envied what he saw the other neighborhood kids had: the cool stuff, the freedom, the fun.

In his teenage years this desire caused friction with his parents, as he rebelled against the monotonous life he wanted out of. A few years later this escalated to a staredown against his father, which is a moment he would never forget.

On February 11, Winston shares for the first time what happened in that moment, the story of “wanting what I couldn’t have” and then realizing much later in life to be careful what you wish for, as once some things are gone, they are gone forever.

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