The VoiceStory Live platform was created to be an inclusive environment by VoiceStory Foundation founder Winston Yeung. The concept was born from his dysfunctional belief that he needed permission to speak, so he created the VoiceStory Live stage to give people permission to speak without fear of judgement, ridicule or shame. He believes that everyone has a voice and the power contained in their stories can only be unleashed when they are shared.

This event IS NOT about promoting a business, pitching you a product or trying to sign you up for a program.

What it is about is putting away the cell phones, disconnecting from the hustle and taking a moment to be with yourself and others.

It’s all about people telling their authentic stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements, and experiencing great adventures. People empowering people through storytelling!

VoiceStory Live is held monthly at the PAL Studio Theatre, which is located at 581 Cardero Street in Vancouver, BC.

Our Next Show is February 16 @ PAL Studio Theatre!

Winston, sorry it has taken so long to respond.

I wasn’t really able to convey the overwhelming feeling I got from the VoiceStory tribe on Monday. This past weekend I had a lady tell me they bought pens from a middle school that were basically the same as what I had and I suppose from a practicality standpoint, they are. But so is a bic. What I wanted to ask her was to thank me for subsidizing the kids project through my municipal taxes but alas I took the slightly higher road although I traveled it at a very slow pace.

Then came Monday night. A group of people who understood the symbolism. No explanation was needed, no justification was needed, there was just a basic understanding that the pens were more than pens.

After I loaded the van and got in, I had a moment. The times you have asked yourself why you do what you do are times I have also had. Then there are reminders, they come as events like VoiceStory or couples wanting to have a pen with heart and meaning that are made from a place of love. A comfortable space where you can tell your story and a space where those that listen to that story can understand and even relate. You offer a place where people from all walks can connect on a human level and that is more important than ever. Thank you!

– Trevor Neuman

I spoke at VoiceStory because I thought it was a cool concept. I had no idea the impact it was going to have. After speaking I was contact by several people wanting to talk about their experience with the Metoo movement and personal accountability.

One of these people agreed to be a guest on my radio show and he spoke about how he was raped. For me it was a pivotal moment because it cast a light on the fact that up until that point, while I thought I was enlightened when it came to gender issues, I had been discounting the male experience. It’s changed everything.

I have since taken steps to create a mypart movement and a course around personal accountability. None of this would have happened without having stepped on the VoiceStory stage.

– Alison Donaghey

Marty Ethier

Marty found herself divorced at age 40 and a handful of failed relationships followed within the next 3 years. She wanted to change this cycle so she made the decision to be single, however, she did not expect to be tested so often with Lifes lessons on this journey to love self.

We invite you to join us on at our opening show at the PAL Studio Theatre on February 16, as Marty shares the lessons learned on her journey with us and that the most important relationship we have to tend to is the one with ourselves. “When we are truly capable of knowing and loving ourselves, then all other relationships benefit!”

Aaron D’Souza

Aaron was single during his twenties mainly due to having a stutter, a religious upbringing, and a mind that was too attracted to the concept of open relationships! It took years to work through outdated modes of thinking with the help of a couple of superb coaches, then at the age of 31 he experienced the first, and best, relationship of his life.

We invite you to join us on at our opening show at the PAL Studio Theatre on February 16, as Aaron shares that when exploring open relationships, there’s pretty much no public information on how to communicate these desires and when. “When you aren’t getting results it’s most likely because your goal is unique to you, and have to trust your own intelligence to achieve it.”

Birnie McIntosh

We invite you to join us on at our opening show at the PAL Studio Theatre on February 16 on “Love and relationships”, as Winston and Birnie McIntosh have a VoiceStory Jam Session to chat about what happened since he spoke on Vulnerability, any shifts that occurred and his perspective of being alone.

Jill Prescott

Having travelled through many romantic and not so romantic relationships in her life, Jill discovered that each of them brought lessons, both painful and joyful, and Love looks different at various times in our lives. “If we can simply stay present and honour all of it, there is an opportunity to evolve and deepen our experience of love.”

We invite you to join us on at our opening show at the PAL Studio Theatre on February 16, as Jill plans to walk us through a tale of some of her loves from her teenage years to now, where she has found a true partnership with a unique definition of love.

Keyra Conlinn

From experiences of abuse at a young age, Keyra, already naturally sensitive, developed coping mechanisms to survive the pain, but hiding inside for so long led to a variety of health issues that eventually caused her to seek help. Healing has been a journey and along the way there have been more traumas to overcome, but triumph is imminent.

We invite you to join us on at our opening show at the PAL Studio Theatre on February 16, as Keyra shares her experience that the wounds of childhood left unprocessed, and the expectations that our families/societies place on us, can bring destructive patterns throughout our lives that affect the choices we make, especially when it comes to love and relationships. “Until we learn to truly examine these traumas and work through them, it is difficult to live and love authentically.”

Lise Lavigne


February 16 – “Love and Relationships”

March 17 – “Addicted to Pain”

April 12 – “The Rewards of Perseverance”