VoiceStory Live is a platform created to provide a safe, positive space where any adult, regardless of age, gender, ability, race or sexual orientation, can share a moment of their lives and inspire others.

This event IS NOT about promoting a business, pitching you a product or trying to sign you up for a program.

What it is about is putting away the cell phones, disconnecting from the hustle and taking a moment to be with yourself and others.

It’s all about people telling their authentic stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements, and experiencing great adventures. People empowering people through storytelling!

In 2019 we changed venues and VoiceStory Live is now happening at The Vancouver East Cultural Center aka “The Cultch”.

You can purchase tickets to any of our upcoming shows via The Cultch online box office.

The next show is April 22 @ The Cultch!

Stephanie Kennedy

“Deacon’s Story”

After a second trimester miscarriage, it became clear that social and societal expectations of mental health and healing were going to be drastically different than what Stephanie innately knew she needed. “Getting back to it” was not an option and she was being forced to look at and feel through the pain of her loss and stabilize her mental health.

On April 22 come experience her story, as Stephanie shares her insight that it is in feeling and healing pain, that we are lead to freedom and our souls gifts.
As social and societal expectations of mental health are drastically different from what we need.

Mark DeSanti

Despite working for a large entity that prides itself in employee engagement and customer service, it was just one act by a superior in the organization that took all the wind from Mark’s sails. Going from “super employee” to “employee with resignation letter waiting in his back pocket”, Mark wasn’t able to bounce back.

On April 22 Mark shares his journey with us. How his reflection on a downward spiral into depression opened his eyes to the affects the workplace can have on employees. Through this journey the importance of both leadership and employees to take responsibility in the wellness of self and the workplace became evident to him. He will share 3 easy steps that could have changed everything.

Jivi Saran

There are high demands placed on an Entrepreneur and we don’t realIze that it takes a special heart and intellect to live the life of an Entrepreneur. Jivi left a corporate job of 30 years to be an Entrepreneur for 3 years only to realize, it wasn’t for her and that was perfectly okay.

We invite you to join us on April 22, as Jivi shares with us her insight into “The brain of an Entrepreneur”, that not everyone needs to be an Entrepreneur and we can impact change from various angles.

Farah Saad

After a burnout, Farah chose to take time off to travel the world and find herself. Not sure what she was going to do next, she discovered mindfulness and continued to do things that make her uncomfortable and facing new fears. “This has brought opportunities to me I would have never even imagined including starting my own business.”

On April 22 Farah shares her insight that it is never too late to follow your dreams and that you will figure it out at the end of the day. “The key is to keep taking steps forward and embracing the unknown, because some of the best experiences in life are still coming. So celebrate how far you have come and keep going!”

Saoirse Wang

Late June of 2015 Saoirse received an email from her mother to pick up her car at Barnett park. “This moment forever changed my life, and deepened my compassion for the journey my mother had with mental illness.”

On April 22 come experience her story, as Saoirse shares that it is important for us to understand, that we require compassion and love for both the person with mental illness and the loved ones living with them.

Shenan Charania

As Shenan grew up and explored life, he got caught up in misunderstandings of how the Mind worked. As a result of these misunderstandings, he found himself confused, depressed, and full of trapped emotions which he didn’t know the source of. As he started to see the source of them, the potential for Mental Health showed up.

On April 22 come experience his story as Shenan shares his realization that every single person has the full capacity to their Mental Health.

Christine Hylands

After leaving her job with “good pay and benefits” to be a stay at home mom, Christine started tutoring to help support her family. She would soon discover that her new role earns more and has more benefits than every job that she has held before.

On April 22 come experience her story, as Christine will share some of her experiences about the power of human interaction and the fact that fulfillment is often more valuable than the paycheque.