When we speak to people that we know or just met, quite often there is a desire to share their stories.

We’re inspired by the conversation & throughout the year we hear stories with parallel themes. The times, places & events that occurred are entirely different, but the emotional peaks and valleys are undeniably similar.

Hence the concept of ‘themes’ for our VoiceStory Live show was born!

The themes we have in the pipeline are engaging & we can’t wait to share them with the world.

12 themes, 72 speakers & countless moments of laughter, joy & tears!

2019 is going to be full of surprises for both VoiceStory & the community at large.

Join us. Won’t you?

Join Us for VoiceStory Live!

April Bellia

As a mother of 3 kids, April never wanted to be an entrepreneur, however, circumstances in her life decided otherwise. Without any business training or having to take a MBA, within 4 years she created a business out of her passion and is living her purpose. She created Granola Girl as her vehicle to connect with like minded people.

On December 17th come experience her story as April shares that “You don’t need a MBA to be a successful entrepreneur! You can do it on your own terms and in your own unique way by raising your vibration!”

Mahan Khalsa

When Mahan was only 23 years of age, she spent 38 days in a South Korean jail. The irony is that she left Canada depressed & suicidal and telling her boyfriend “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE” and it was in that jail that she found her freedom!

On December 17th Mahan shares her realization that freedom is a state of mind. We can cultivate it ourselves, change our perspectives and create the world we want to be experiencing. “I realized freedom was a state of mind and that nothing could take my FREEDOM from me. We have the POWER to create our REALITY, or at least the story we tell ourself about it.”

Trevor Neuman

Trevor suffered a severe permanent work injury and while rehabbing physically, the permanence of the injury threw him into depression and
the bureaucracy of various agencies he was dealing with kept him there.

While going back to school for retraining, Trevor found a hobby which helped him physically, mentally and became a central part of his Senior Project and his partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

On December 17th come experience his journey, as Trevor shares that “There was a low point that I never imagined I could have ever sunk to. As difficult as it was and continues to be, there is something positive and hopeful that has come from my experience.”

Vanessa Luu

As a child, Vanessa was structured by the need to be perfect which ultimately meant not being herself for the people around her, and always tailoring herself to match what they would like. She feared being too much, she feared being not enough, and her journey is right now is about finding equilibrium through “becoming me”.

On December 17th Vanessa shares her realization that being yourself means trusting your gut and honoring you always. That without honoring yourself, seeking approval for security becomes a very dark and toxic path.

Stella Panagiotidis

Stella is a first generation Greek Canadian who grew up in the hub of Montreal’s Greek urban ghetto. Caught between old-world values and modern-day culture, she struggled to find her place of belonging. Battling a crippling anxiety disorder, she sought refuge amidst a new life on the West Coast, where she came full circle in a profound discovery of self.

On December 17th come experience her story, as Stella shares how she fled from her Greek community in order to escape cultural restrictions. Her dream of being an ordinary Canadian kid brought her to Vancouver Island. Amidst this new tranquility, she came face-to-face with the breakthrough realization that “One cannot escape the shadows of oneself and that adversity can in fact, be a gift that shapes one’s purpose in the world.”

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