VoiceStory Live is a platform created to provide a safe, positive space where any adult, regardless of age, gender, ability, race or sexual orientation, can share a moment of their lives and inspire others.

This event IS NOT about promoting a business, pitching you a product or trying to sign you up for a program.

What it is about is putting away the cell phones, disconnecting from the hustle and taking a moment to be with yourself and others.

It’s all about people telling their authentic stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements, and experiencing great adventures. People empowering people through storytelling!

In 2019 we changed venues and VoiceStory Live is now happening at The Vancouver East Cultural Center aka “The Cultch”.

You can purchase tickets to any of our upcoming shows via The Cultch online box office.

The next show is September 16 @ The Cultch!

Stephanie Kennedy

Stephanie experienced a second trimester miscarriage and a fertility journey that continues, it was discovering the role that Grief has played in the discovery and shaping of the new version of herself.

On August 5 come experience her journey as Stephanie shares the idea that there is a “death” of self in grief. That from one day to the next, you can be forever changed. “Grief is the reconciliation of what was to what is and that if that reconciliation is where the true gifts of life are found.”

Carmen Smith

Grief and loss have played a pivotal part in Carmen’s personal journey back to herself.

In 2009 after finding out she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation and putting her at a much higher than normal risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancers. Carmen was faced with making some very difficult decisions.

On August 5 Carmen shares with us the parallel of facing her own personal obstacles and adversity alongside her dear friend Marianne’s battle with Stage 3 breast cancer and the life altering way Grief has changed her life. “I am grateful to have found the courage to lean into grief and loss in order to embrace all that is possible and beautiful lessons learned on this incredible journey called life.”

David Fisher

David loved his Dad a lot, and then one day, his Dad went to sleep and never woke up. David was five. David never got to say goodbye. Suddenly, the sledding, the exercising together, the paper airplanes were gone. Over 30 years later he gets his chance to say goodbye.

Join us on August 5 as David shares his journey with us and how his interaction with Grief made him realize that this is still an ongoing experience. “I think I see clearly now that Dad doesn’t want his absence to define me anymore. The memory remains but the rope that tied me to that event is cut, and he is proud of me. He wants me to move forward. The time I did have with him made an impact.”

Robyne Shea


Keri-Anne Livingstone


Jivi Saran


Winston, sorry it has taken so long to respond.

I wasn’t really able to convey the overwhelming feeling I got from the VoiceStory tribe on Monday. This past weekend I had a lady tell me they bought pens from a middle school that were basically the same as what I had and I suppose from a practicality standpoint, they are. But so is a bic. What I wanted to ask her was to thank me for subsidizing the kids project through my municipal taxes but alas I took the slightly higher road although I traveled it at a very slow pace.

Then came Monday night. A group of people who understood the symbolism. No explanation was needed, no justification was needed, there was just a basic understanding that the pens were more than pens.

After I loaded the van and got in, I had a moment. The times you have asked yourself why you do what you do are times I have also had. Then there are reminders, they come as events like VoiceStory or couples wanting to have a pen with heart and meaning that are made from a place of love. A comfortable space where you can tell your story and a space where those that listen to that story can understand and even relate. You offer a place where people from all walks can connect on a human level and that is more important than ever. Thank you!

– Trevor Neuman

I spoke at VoiceStory because I thought it was a cool concept. I had no idea the impact it was going to have. After speaking I was contact by several people wanting to talk about their experience with the Metoo movement and personal accountability.

One of these people agreed to be a guest on my radio show and he spoke about how he was raped. For me it was a pivotal moment because it cast a light on the fact that up until that point, while I thought I was enlightened when it came to gender issues, I had been discounting the male experience. It’s changed everything.

I have since taken steps to create a mypart movement and a course around personal accountability. None of this would have happened without having stepped on the VoiceStory stage.

– Alison Donaghey