VoiceStory Live is a platform created to provide a safe, positive space where any adult, regardless of age, gender, ability, race or sexual orientation, can share a moment of their lives and inspire others.

This event IS NOT about promoting a business, pitching you a product or trying to sign you up for a program.

What it is about is putting away the cell phones, disconnecting from the hustle and taking a moment to be with yourself and others.

It’s all about people telling their authentic stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements, and experiencing great adventures. People empowering people through storytelling!

In 2019 we changed venues and VoiceStory Live is now happening at The Vancouver East Cultural Center aka “The Cultch”.

You can purchase tickets to any of our upcoming shows via The Cultch online box office.

The next show is October 27 @ The Cultch!

Winston, sorry it has taken so long to respond.

I wasn’t really able to convey the overwhelming feeling I got from the VoiceStory tribe on Monday. This past weekend I had a lady tell me they bought pens from a middle school that were basically the same as what I had and I suppose from a practicality standpoint, they are. But so is a bic. What I wanted to ask her was to thank me for subsidizing the kids project through my municipal taxes but alas I took the slightly higher road although I traveled it at a very slow pace.

Then came Monday night. A group of people who understood the symbolism. No explanation was needed, no justification was needed, there was just a basic understanding that the pens were more than pens.

After I loaded the van and got in, I had a moment. The times you have asked yourself why you do what you do are times I have also had. Then there are reminders, they come as events like VoiceStory or couples wanting to have a pen with heart and meaning that are made from a place of love. A comfortable space where you can tell your story and a space where those that listen to that story can understand and even relate. You offer a place where people from all walks can connect on a human level and that is more important than ever. Thank you!

– Trevor Neuman

I spoke at VoiceStory because I thought it was a cool concept. I had no idea the impact it was going to have. After speaking I was contact by several people wanting to talk about their experience with the Metoo movement and personal accountability.

One of these people agreed to be a guest on my radio show and he spoke about how he was raped. For me it was a pivotal moment because it cast a light on the fact that up until that point, while I thought I was enlightened when it came to gender issues, I had been discounting the male experience. It’s changed everything.

I have since taken steps to create a mypart movement and a course around personal accountability. None of this would have happened without having stepped on the VoiceStory stage.

– Alison Donaghey

Ben Baker

Ten years ago, when Ben’s company was fairly young, he was introduced to the head purchaser for the City of Calgary Police Department. He embraced the oppourtunity, but looking back to how it unfolded made him reflect upon himself. “How could I realize then that what could have been one of my worst epic failures, could turn into a relationship of trust.”

Join us on September 16 as Ben shares his experience that relationship building demands long-term thinking and we tell the truth always. “The truth may not always be convenient, and sometimes it hurts. However, it is far better than the alternative.”

Jill Prescott

When Jill was in her teens, she refused to admit she was sexually active when taken to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. “Rather than make it safe enough for me to tell the truth, they removed my appendix. The long term results of this decision were devastating.”

On September 16 Jill shares her experience that it is so important that young people are given the support and love that is required to feel safe enough to speak up. “Without this, many suffer in silence. Today I understand that Truth Telling is access to freedom and as adults, we are perfectly capable of stopping the harm both for ourselves and others.”

Vanessa Wideski

For Vanessa all of her life she had this insatiable curiosity to discover the “Truth”. She yearned to understand who she was and why she was here. This relentless desire to understand her purpose in life took Vanessa down some dark paths. Labelled as a misfit, trouble maker and a problem child, she never felt like she fit in or belonged.

On September 16 Vanessa shares her journey as she discovered “The more at home I am with myself, the more at ease with the world I become. Owning my story is the first step, sharing my story helps others and changing my story is how I evolve.”

Tien Neo Eamas

“What would your life be like if you lived from YOU as Light, as SOUL, as Source? As opposed to living life, thinking you are a gender, and most of your choices are constrained by that perspective?”

Join us on September 16th as Tien and Winston will have a VoiceStory Jam Session about the topic of truth, transcending gender and connection. It will be a fun, honest and introspective chat!

Daniel Fung

Daniel grew up in a typical Asian family with many strict rules and his Dad ruled his life as “he knew best!”… but did he?

When Daniel dropped out of University it became the best decision at that time, but he had to face his Dad and explain his decision.

When Daniel went against “the rules” and dated a non-Asian, he almost became disowned by family.

When Daniel…

On September 16th come experience his story as Daniel shares his journey as to how he finally realized that he needed to “start living your dreams, you have to create enough courage and do certain things that are uncomfortable and scary. In almost all instances the expectations you have are not real!”

Johnathan Jagt

I met Johnathan this summer at the Powell Street Festival and when speaking with him, there was a sense of familiarity that I could not shake.

It was during our conversation when he said “What we share in common is the experience of pain in life.”

This is something I understood and as I listened to his story, I was given a glimpse into a world that many of us choose to ignore.

So I invite you to join us on September 16th as I will have a VoiceStory Jam Session with Johnathan about life before, during and after addiction, and recovery in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside.