April 8, 2019

We wish to thank everyone who has applied to share a story and the shows are are now 50% filled up from July to November!

This means there are only 3 speaker spots available each of those months and one of them can be FOR YOU!

You do not need to have any previous speaking experience!

You only need to have the “feeling”, this desire that is forming, buzzing… burning within you to free and embrace the power of YOUR VOICE, of YOUR STORY.

The VoiceStory stage is not about speaking perfection, voice pitch and physical poise.

It is all about feeling safe and empowered to be authentic, vulnerable and real in a space without judgement, criticism and fear.

Our vision is to give everyone the oppourtunity to share part of their story, a moment in their life, that can inspire someone who is stuck in the “Sea of Suck”, feels that no one understands and is all alone.

Every one of us has stories stored within us, but their impact can not be felt until they are shared.

If this makes you feel like you want to take the stage and share a story of your own, then I encourage you to apply to the theme that speaks to you the most.

Apply to speak on our website and if you are curious about the selection process, check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page : http://www.voicestory.ca/apply-to-speak/

July – Shame
August – Grief
September – #tellthetruth
October – Mental Health in the Workplace and the Impact on Self
November – Vulnerability
December – Family

March 2, 2019

As I look at the tickets I have just been handed I think back to my childhood in East Vancouver. Growing up in Strathcona with my grandparents, playing in the park, going for walks to Chinatown, hearing my grandfather’s voice as I look up and see his face in the sunshine.

I remember the walks to Woodward’s and looking at all the wonderful things on the shelves. Imagining how they would taste, how they would feel if I tried it on, how fun it would be if I could play with it. I imagined, as we couldn’t afford to buy anything.

But I am not aware of this as a child. That’s just how life was. Always dreaming, imagining, wondering of what life could be.

I remember the day that I shared my dream… that one day I would buy the building with the “W” on it and it would then be the Winston building.

I remember my uncle laughing and telling me “good luck with that silly idea.”

I flip through the bundle of tickets in my hand and think back to high school. Remembering trying to fit in. I’m still dreaming, imagining and wondering about the world… but not as much. As I’m asked “What are you doing here?”, “Why are you here?”, “You don’t belong here! Go away!”

I don’t share my dreams anymore. I keep them to myself and share my determination to prove to the world that I belong. That I am good enough!

The dreamer inside me grew quieter, the bright spark of potential dimmed as I chose a darker path to walk instead.

From being told I could be and do anything, to being slowly conditioned that I’ll never amount to much. I’m not good enough so don’t bother trying… those dreams are just fantasy and will never come true.

It was around then when I chose to listen to the noise of the world and let it fuel the fire within me. I let go of the dreamer, armoured up my heart and chose to take on a dysfunctional battle to prove the world wrong.

I didn’t understand that there was no war to win. That I made it all up to rationalize my shift from joy to pain.

I hear footsteps walk by and thins brings me back to the present. Standing in the lounge at The Cultch.

Standing inside a place I only dreamed of visiting as a kid… but I couldn’t afford to.

I close my eyes and feel the ambience, imagine the stories the walls have heard, visions dance in my mind of the fun contained in this space.

That’s when the dreamer inside me returned. Painting beautiful, vivid images of possibility. Because at that very moment I, we, understood one thing.

This dream became real. It’s happening!

So I have come full circle from that moment when I was told “good luck with that silly idea”, from letting go of my dreams to manifesting them. From proving to the world that I am worthy, to understanding I always was.

I look back down at the tickets… I imagine the people in the audience, I imagine the speakers sharing their stories, their struggles, their dreams.

I imagine the energy of these moments being absorbed into the walls of this space. That is my contribution to the community, to the world, as VoiceStory isn’t about me.

It is so much more.

– Winston