VoiceStory Live is a platform created to provide a safe, positive space where any adult, regardless of age, gender, ability, race or sexual orientation, can share a moment of their lives and inspire others.

This event IS NOT about promoting a business, pitching you a product or trying to sign you up for a program.

What it is about is putting away the cell phones, disconnecting from the hustle and taking a moment to be with yourself and others.

It’s all about people telling their authentic stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements, and experiencing great adventures. People empowering people through storytelling!

In 2019 we changed venues and VoiceStory Live is now happening at The Vancouver East Cultural Center aka “The Cultch”.

You can purchase tickets to any of our upcoming shows via The Cultch online box office.

The next show is July 7 @ The Cultch!

Keith Tong

Growing up Keith encountered circumstances he did not understand and yet had to find a way to navigate through. This led him down a path to becoming a drug-addict and homeless living in the Downtown Eastside, for allowing people to bully him and for allowing someone he trusted to sexually abuse him. Suppressing so much trauma had that happened in his life manifested into shame which he had to eventually face.

On July 7 Keith shares his journey and facing his past and the shame that grew from it. “By learning forgiveness, compassion, and love am I now able to truly move forward in my life without any hesitation, sabotages, or regrets. All my past events is shaping who I am and who I am becoming.”

Deanna Flinn

Deanna experienced shame as a result of not being connected to her family, not fitting what is considered to be a societal norm and for always being unconventional with her life. “I believe we all experience shame, sometimes daily and I feel that it is time for all of us to let it go.”

On July 7 Deanna shares her experience that Shame is sometimes passed on to us from those who raised us, however, if you can figure out how to overcome it and feel comfortable being vulnerable instead, life gets a whole lot easier and you will find your dreams again.

Lise Lavigne

Lise ran away from home because it was an abusive environment. She married her boyfriend at 18 years old and believed she had found true love. Much to her chagrin she felt stuck for the next 7 years as she didn’t realize how controlling and abusive her husband.

Join us on July 7, as Lise shares that when we don’t heal wounds from our past, it affects the decisions we make in life. The results of these decisions can bring a lot of shame upon us which we keep secret until the pain is too much to bare. Sharing our pain with someone is the first step of healing.

Paul MacDonald

Paul created a life where he was a character in a story and he lied his entire life to protect the persona he created. He started using drugs and alcohol when he turned 12 and ended up in jail for stealing, well the shame he experienced from these moments of his youth held him back for most of his life!

On July 7 Paul shares the moment when he found his reason for being here on the earth and then realized that shame was controlling his life. ”To help others I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and be honest with the world about who I was. For me to truly be the person I wanted to be, I needed to face that shame.”

Karin Wilson

Fifty years after her first shame-filled hospital visit at the age of seven, Karin ended up at a doctor’s clinic diagnosed with a unexpected condition, which forced her to share this situation she was in – “I had to tell with my ex-husband, my partner, my children, my parents, and ultimately my spiritual community.”

On July 7, come experience her story as Karin shares how Shame has shaped her life. “From that first hospital visit, my writing and speaking consistently works to reveal our societal underbelly. Yet really what I have been doing has been to come to peace with my sexuality, my mental health, and ultimately my spiritual expression. I continue to rise like a phoenix, hopeful of being a butterfly.”

Jaitara Jayde

As a young teen, Jaitara was sexually exploited and manipulated. She carried this as a secret shame for 27 years. Then one day she had a powerful awakening in the form of a breakdown that quickly transcended into her breakthrough. This awakening moment inspired her to help others liberate themselves from past wounding, and live more joyfully in the present

Join us on July 7 as Jaitara shares her experience that we carry the most wounding and shame around sex and money. That abuse victims tend to blame themselves for their experience, often resulting in years of debilitating shame, however, if we remember our truth as creators and how to transform pain to wisdom and freedom, we then reclaim our power to create this dream called life as our soul desires.

Winston, sorry it has taken so long to respond.

I wasn’t really able to convey the overwhelming feeling I got from the VoiceStory tribe on Monday. This past weekend I had a lady tell me they bought pens from a middle school that were basically the same as what I had and I suppose from a practicality standpoint, they are. But so is a bic. What I wanted to ask her was to thank me for subsidizing the kids project through my municipal taxes but alas I took the slightly higher road although I traveled it at a very slow pace.

Then came Monday night. A group of people who understood the symbolism. No explanation was needed, no justification was needed, there was just a basic understanding that the pens were more than pens.

After I loaded the van and got in, I had a moment. The times you have asked yourself why you do what you do are times I have also had. Then there are reminders, they come as events like VoiceStory or couples wanting to have a pen with heart and meaning that are made from a place of love. A comfortable space where you can tell your story and a space where those that listen to that story can understand and even relate. You offer a place where people from all walks can connect on a human level and that is more important than ever. Thank you!

– Trevor Neuman

I spoke at VoiceStory because I thought it was a cool concept. I had no idea the impact it was going to have. After speaking I was contact by several people wanting to talk about their experience with the Metoo movement and personal accountability.

One of these people agreed to be a guest on my radio show and he spoke about how he was raped. For me it was a pivotal moment because it cast a light on the fact that up until that point, while I thought I was enlightened when it came to gender issues, I had been discounting the male experience. It’s changed everything.

I have since taken steps to create a mypart movement and a course around personal accountability. None of this would have happened without having stepped on the VoiceStory stage.

– Alison Donaghey