VoiceStory workshops are unique experiences that guide you through a process that has been carefully crafted to bring awareness to your stories, distilling the message behind your life’s work & weaving in critical elements as you rewrite your narrative.

Our workshops are engineered to empower you to live a life aligned with your values & purpose.


One Day Intensives Designed for Growth

Introduction to your story

In this one day workshop we will help you become aware of the stories you share on a routine basis, see if they are serving you and if they are not, then we look into rewriting the narrative.

Through this transformative process you will learn to see your stories from a new perspective, what they are saying about you and more importantly, what they are not.

We limit this workshop to only 30 students to ensure everyone gets time to work with our VoiceStory Architects on your unique story. So register now to claim your spot!

Here is a breakdown of what the day will look like:

Module 1: Examine the stories you are sharing.

→ Where are your stories born from?
→ What are these stories saying about you?
→ What are these stories NOT saying about you?
→ Are these the stories serving you?

Module 2: Explore if these stories align with your purpose, vision and values

→ What is your purpose?
→ Do you have a vision?
→ What are your core values?
→ Are your stories aligned with these 3 elements or are they out of alignment?

Module 3: Explore if these stories are the ones you want to tell

→ Interactive exercise and get feedback as to how your stories are being received
→ Discuss the current structure of your stories
→ Begin to distill the stories into their fundamental pieces

Register Your Seat!

Course upgrades are underway; 2019 is looking bright!

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