The Power of Your Voice

A powerful shift happens when one becomes aware & embraces the power of their own voice, as it can resonate with others who share similar emotions, successes and challenges – even if they are from a different part of the world.

Emotion connects humanity & it is the voice that delivers the message, person to person or to several thousands, and this relentless force can be awoken from within.

At VoiceStory we invite you to take part in our unique self-discovery process that begins & ends with your story.

You deserve to live a life empowered by the love of oneself, humanity and of course your unique stories.

The Power of Your Story

For thousands of years humanity has shared the thread of knowledge as spoken through cave drawings, then evolving to words and even movement.

The power of a story always begins with self & this can be you. VoiceStory is a platform designed to help you grow through your own story, as we firmly believe that everything you need to thrive in life – is within you – it’s in your story.

When you look deep enough, past the illusions you yourself created which are holding you back, you begin to realize how unique & powerful you really are.

At the core of our team at VoiceStory, this is what keeps us going.

Your VoiceStory Architects

Winston Yeung

I chased after fame, money and status believing that these things would make me “somebody” in this world. I reached for the stars, sat among them and eventually fell from grace.

I’ve been told I’ve accomplished enough to fill multiple lifetimes if I were someone else, but I didn’t believe it. Why? Because I was a prisoner to the dysfunctional stories I created, lost in the land of illusion of my own design.

I walked alone through my own personal hell, numbing & slowly killing myself until one day I looked at my reflection in the mirror and admitted that I didn’t want to die. That is when I decided to start my journey towards healing myself, doing the work and picking up the pieces of my shattered life along the way.

It took many years but I eventually got out of hell, walked out of my prison and now living a life with purpose aligned with spirit, body and mind. The lessons and tests I experienced along my journey are where my insight, empathy, compassion and understanding are forged from.

I now listen to people’s stories, feel their joy & pain and help them craft new stories which more truly reflect who they are and serve them. For those who wish to share their story, I provide multiple platforms and the support for them to do so, and through this transformative process they elevate and empower themselves while inspiring others.

How do I contact Winston as I would like to connect with him?
You can email Winston with any questions, comments or feedback at you can also book a meeting by clicking here.

Mat Boyer

Being in Management and Engagement for over 20 years I’ve seen a lot of trends.

Often having what some feel are difficult conversations, because I’ve invested my energy and time and nurtured those relationships, those conversations become just that- conversations. The ability to hear people where they are at and use “relatability” is a power that I have. It has also come in very powerfully when “rallying” teams or accomplishing challenging goals. As people can truly move mountains, when they want to.


Nadeem Ahmad

Going from circumstantial to substantial, my personal development journey is something from a big screen production script. Growing up in a middle class immigrant family my transition from the ‘good kid’ to ‘scapegoat’ happened all too quickly.

At the age of 18 several revelations unfolded in my family dynamic, shattering my understanding of trust, family, love & relationships. The aftermath of these events was a radical downward spiral into drugs, demons & rabbit holes – a dysfunctional mindset that constantly forced me to back into a dark place.

With the help of mentors & friends, I was empowered with the understanding of awareness; I was educated on how to leverage me, against me to make myself a better person.

How I bounced back from the mental, spiritual & emotional deficits is the foundation behind my unique style towards constructing a strong, solid mindset. My point blank approach to developing mindsets is as ruthless as it is compassionate.