The VoiceStory Foundation tackles the issue of social isolation that is prevalent in society today, which is caused by a number of issues including: working remotely, addiction to mobile devices, the obsession with social media, reduced face to face interaction and the lack of spaces which promote deeper conversations and connection.

This is done through our monthly speaking platform – VoiceStory Live, educational workshops, mentorship and coaching to develop an individual’s ability to embrace and share their unique stories.

The VoiceStory Live platform was created to be an inclusive environment by VoiceStory Foundation founder Winston Yeung. The concept was born from his dysfunctional belief that he needed permission to speak, so he created the VoiceStory Live stage to give people permission to speak without fear of judgement, ridicule or shame. He believes that everyone has a voice and the power contained in their stories can only be unleashed when they are shared.

The VoiceStory Live process helps people see past their dysfunctional beliefs, perceptions and judgements, heal trauma and empower them to grow, by inviting them to find their voice, embrace their stories and share them with the intention to impact another.

Our Next Show is January 26 @ The Cultch!