The Power of Your Story

For thousands of years humanity has shared the thread of knowledge as spoken through cave drawings, then evolving to words and even movement.

The power of a story always begins with self & this can be you. VoiceStory is a platform designed to help you grow through your own story, as we firmly believe that everything you need to thrive in life – is within you – it’s in your story.

When you look deep enough, past the illusions you yourself created which are holding you back, you begin to realize how unique & powerful you really are.

At the core of our team at VoiceStory, this is what keeps us going.

The Power of Your Voice

A powerful shift happens when one becomes aware & embraces the power of their own voice, as it can resonate with others who share similar emotions, successes and challenges – even if they are from a different part of the world.

Emotion connects humanity & it is the voice that delivers the message, person to person or to several thousands, and this relentless force can be awoken from within.

At VoiceStory we invite you to take part in our unique self-discovery process that begins & ends with your story.

You deserve to live a life empowered by the love of oneself, humanity and of course your unique stories.

So? Why should you be here?

Well, here are a few reasons...

Mat Boyer

Inspiring speaker, coach & mentor to many who not only attended VoiceStory talks but took to the stage to share his very personal & powerful story about infertility from a male perspective.

Alexis Ellis

She faced one of her greatest fears by getting up on stage to share her story. Despite being nervous, the safe space created at the event by Winston paired with his passionate coaching, empowered her to overcome the challenges in her mind.

Paul & Jennifer Henczel

Passionate advocates of VoiceStory who are professional leaders & trainers in their field – with success comes great stories!

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